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October 10th, 2006 by Rebekka in

Ok, finally i get around to writing something here. (Unfortunately i chose a moment when i have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Probably due to the fact that i was up most of the night nursing a sick child and my brain is off.)

Regarding this new website of mine, i plan on adding content soon.. There’s a few tiny glitches that need to be taken care of. I may or may not set up an online store in the near future… that’s on my to do list in any case. Mostly i just wanted this as an alternative to viewing my photos on flickr, i plan on having only my very best (in my oppinion) photos displayed here , and i feel they look so much better here than on flickr ;)

i’m also going to use this as a vent for when i need to rant, something i imagine i’ll be doing a lot of once i get the hang of using a blog in the first place. And i may also throw pictures in here (in the blog) that are somehow not what i’d post on flickr. Maybe more of my bad stuff :)

Til then, keep enjoying my flicrk page, and stay tuned for what’s to come here. i’ll put up an anouncement when i’m completely ready to “launch” this site :)

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Hello hello!

Nice to see your website, I really like how you have it built. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts. I’ve found you to possess a very solid & level head on your shoulders. :)

Take care,



I love the choice you made to open a new website. You can keep the Flickr page to show everything you’ve done to the world, and use this site for a more professional approach.

And, by the way, it’s a very clean and elegant site.

Keep going,


Hello Rebekka :-)

Nice to see your site, indeed. I like its simple design, and black background ;-)
I’m glad you plan to write from time to time.

Best regards,



probably it isn’t true, but i know there’s a video interview with you, it true?


it was there, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Rebekka, if you have the video as a file, I can put it on the server for you.

rebekka wrote

well, i have the interview on dvd. I may try to get it to you somehow.
But in other news, im scheduled to do a radio interview with the BBC World Service next friday:o

Ill keep people posted about that. Im sure some folks would find it easier to follow than the one of me speaking my icelandic jibberish:p
Dunno if it’ll be available online. More later.


You can listen to BBC World Service online around the world. Do you know the name of the program that you are appearing on or is it a news broadcast?

rebekka wrote

not sure about that.. interview has been postponed til monday the 30th, i’ll know more later:)

Patrick wrote

Well keep us all updated


I’ve enjoyed your Flickr page immensely; the humour you bring to both your photographs and your accompanying commentary frequently makes my day. I’m glad that you’ve branched out to include a website; I’m hopeful that you’ll carry through on your plan to open an online store [you have a purchaser right here].

Congratulations on the Prius work, and best of luck in the future. Your images are stunning, and I’m glad the world can see them.


excellent, your photos always astound me, and you’ve inspired me to start my own wordpress photoblog strictly amateur of course.

Toby Brutto wrote

Congrats on concluding Toyota campaign. My fave is the one of you standing in the water. You look like your really enjoying yourself there, lol. I hope Flickr community hasn’t disillusioned you in some way by shifting part of your work from it. It’s good to diversify otherwise of course if that’s the only reason. I’m not good at following blog sites of individuals but hope too see as much of your work on Flickr as before. I’m a wanna be writer artist, photo guy and write too f*ck*n much in these blogs anyway, it’s annoying I know, lol. Whoever you said, “shut the fuck up” to must have deleted cus I can’t tell what offense was said above that. Now it’s just morbid curiosity and intrigue to me, lol. Anyway, don’t disappear from Flickr, my and others comments are eccentric and rough round edges a times but I/ we like your stuff and shame to see it drift away elsewhere. Signed……. CaptCaveman of Flickr


Happy blogging Rebekka. You may even inspire me to revive my own blog which fell into disuse when I went madly into Flickr.

The car pictures are stunning, but that does’nt surprise me. When you set your fertile mind to something…. And it’s not a bad-looking car either.

Looking forward to reading your blog regularly.


Thanks for all the beautiful pics, and now a blog!!! I wish you a lot of fun writing here and some nice, loveley comments ;) .

Charlie Bravo wrote

You are one great Artist! Love you (so far), your website and especially of course the AMAZING PICTURES! I whish you all the best! Keep going that way…


stumbled here from who knows where – really like some of your pics.J.


nice site

claudia McGrane wrote

mistakenly came across your are an amazing photographer!. Writing to you from NYC..keep up the beautiful work


Аааун-кк ребятки голосуем!!!

Признавайтесь пкразники и владещьцы сайта ))))

ЧТТ ыв будете делать этим летом?!


hey Rebekka,
great site! very great pictures! some very nice ideas!


Hello! Help solve the problem.
Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
Thank you!



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Good day

It’s a interesting video I compiled to show off the dervishs dance from the guildwars Nightfall .
The dance the dervish does is the same one that Christoper Walken did in the video for Fatboy Slims’ – Weapon of choice music video (hence the music used)

What do you think about it?


Original for those that may not have seen it

naisioxerloro wrote

Good design, who make it?


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Thanks in advance for your input.

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