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viagra with no prescription

November 15th, 2006 by Rebekka in

aside from that being a very good movie about teen angst, im actually working on a sortof dollhouse at the moment for my animation project.. thought id show some sneak peeks of the set and one of the characters (still incomplete) ..the other two iviagra with no prescription;ll show later… Been working day and night on this for over a week, so much fun..



27 comments for this post


Holy crap, thatviagra with no prescription;s awesome! I love the guyviagra with no prescription;s face, and what was done with his glasses. Nice work, as always…

anna wrote

canviagra with no prescription;t wait to see what you have up your sleeves!

on an unrelated matter, i still find it amazing how a person, halfway across the globe has inspired so many other people out there. keep up the superb photography rebekka, youviagra with no prescription;re definitely an inspiration :)


I think a lot of people have the same thought as me :
You keep on surprising (and inspiring) us with everything you do.
Respect !

(this small guy you are creating is the spitting image of a (former) tv-radio celeb here in Belgium )

Lars aka GoSo wrote

That old guy looks cool! What kind of animation do you have in mind? Do you plan to create a digital version of him too, e.g. in Maya or similar?

rebekka wrote

no, im not doing the animation digitally, im using the stop-motion technique, i.e. ill be taking photos , moving the characters between each frame… I figure iviagra with no prescription;ll need roughly 2000 photos for the piece, which will be less than 2 minutes in lenght..
Tedious but very fun:)

john malone wrote

great character design. i like how you used your own photos as wall hangings…
trying to get a sense of scale, how big is the room in the top picture?

if you dont already have it, iviagra with no prescription;ve been using the the Canon TC80N3 remote for time lapse and stop motion. it rocks. take care!


rebekka wrote

for a sense of scale, the picture farthest to the left (featuring my son and a horse) is 10 x 12 cm (approx 4×5 inches) including the frame..
The door is approx. 20 cm tall.


Sounds fantastic, I hope I get a chance to see your short film. Good luck with it.

SophieMuc wrote

how cool! :-) love your photos on the walls too!
and Origins products rock *g*
canviagra with no prescription;t wait to see more of the dollhouse project rebekka!!

jeff wrote

i really like the light in the dollhouse! awesome work. i am sickened by your talent sometimes!

rebekka wrote

@sophie: yep, im hooked on stuff from origins.. just the neat stuff they print on their packages usually manages to win me over;)

and thanks jeff. i love it when people are sickened by some aspect of me:p
i had to take a break from this for several days to write an essay, canviagra with no prescription;t wait to get started on creating the actual “footage”…

vanvadas wrote

rebekka, you and your work got a little bit popular in germany, too.
thatviagra with no prescription;s why: , episode from today, 21th.

and what iviagra with no prescription;ve seen – iviagra with no prescription;m impressed! your work is amazing and i will tell a friend, what youviagra with no prescription;re doing, heviagra with no prescription;s a fotographer, too (see )

good idea, this dollhouse-project. wish you good luck and i will visit your blog again. :-)

greats from germany,


locke (Andrea) wrote

hi. i love your photographs and i am really looking forward to see your short film!


heya, today youviagra with no prescription;ve been featured at my online television of choice..congratulations!
Maybe you wonviagra with no prescription;t understand a word, but you can watch it here:

Jonathan wrote

Fascinating! Will it take place completely in this ‘bedroomviagra with no prescription; scene? I hope you will post your animation, too.

BTW, heard your bit on Up Close (where did you learn near-perfect N.American English accent, I wonder? or is that common in Iceland?). I am awed by how you ‘treatviagra with no prescription; insomnia!


@Jonathan: i grew up in Florida, hence the american accent.. itviagra with no prescription;s funny, i can actually sound a lot more american, probably a combination of the fact that i was pretty nervous, and speaking with someone with such a prominent british accent caused me to hold back a bit:)

Jonathan wrote

Ahh, I see. Personally, I prefer slight accents combined with exceptional command of the ‘secondviagra with no prescription; language (2nd not your case, I guess) to offset an otherwise uninteresting sounding American english.

Jonathan wrote

P.S. would you spell out your family name phonetically for me? In however manner you prefer a n. american to say it?


you know… there really isnt any good way for an american to say my last name. Having to carry it around for 7 years while living there was a pain in the ass, basically;)
So i personally just prefer that english speaking people DONT say it:p

Jonathan wrote

So in conversation with others: “The-Artist-known-as-RebekkaG”??:-)


sure. fine by me;)

Jonathan wrote

Okay, Iviagra with no prescription;m curious: now my icelandic is limited to Bjork, but how viagra with no prescription;bout “goeth-lay-ifs-doe-tier” roughly (minus inflection)? I promise not to attempt it out loud in public.

rebekka wrote

hehehe… well, thats not a bad approximation:)
i suppose it would be close to this: guth-layfs-doett-ir”

its just not suited to the english language. At all:)

Jonathan wrote

I see that you have been organizing and perhaps creating new photos; does this mean your animation is finished, or are you taking a break? I am hoping you will post more evidence…

laura wrote

what does this site have to do with lesley grapka?


Dans cela quelque chose est. Merci pour lviagra with no prescription;explication.

Vateendadepuh wrote

I must express some thanks to the writer just for rescuing me from this setting. As a result of checking through the world wide web and obtaining strategies that were not helpful, I was thinking my life was well over. Existing without the presence of approaches to the problems youviagra with no prescription;ve fixed by means of your entire post is a crucial case, and the kind which might have badly damaged my career if I had not come across your web blog. Your personal know-how and kindness in taking care of almost everything was useful. Iviagra with no prescription;m not sure what I would have done if I hadnviagra with no prescription;t discovered such a thing like this. I can at this moment look ahead to my future. Thanks a lot very much for your specialized and result oriented guide. I wonviagra with no prescription;t hesitate to refer your site to any individual who needs and wants support about this area.

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viagra with no prescription

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