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May 17th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

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Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 im posting this because i feel its important to make clear what my general feelings are toward flickr, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 in light of recent incidents.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 I, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 personally , casodex 50mg pills $216.00 am not going to leave flickr. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 My account runs out in 5 days and im going to renew. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 The flickr community is a very special thing, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and im not going to let a bad move on the part of the people who run flickr , casodex 50mg pills $216.00 cause me to abandon it. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 Flickr has had a very positive impact on my life and my carreer as a photographer, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and im quite attatched to it.
I don’t feel flickr should be held accountable for the fact that someone downloaded my photos from there for commercial use. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 I have been aware since day one that this is a risk of displaying your work online, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and although i believed i had covered my ass by uploading my photos at 72dpi, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 1200×800 pixels, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 this clearly IS large enough to use for making large prints. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 Presumably with the help of software that can convert small jpg’s into large tiff files.
Something i was not aware of before.
In light of what has happened, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 i have decided to limit the dimensions of my uploads to a maximum of 800 pixels across, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 instead of 1200.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 however, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 just because i was aware of the RISK, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 does not mean i was ready to accept the fact that someone had indeed been selling prints of my work for thousands of dollars. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 That is a whole different matter entirely.
Just walking around in an urban area at night may put you in risk of being mugged or raped. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 People are aware of this risk. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 That doesn’t mean its their fault if they are indeed mugged or raped, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and if the person who commits such a crime is known and openly admits to having done it, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 would anyone in their right mind tell the victim “see, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 they’re sorry, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 just move on and forget about it”

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 Obviously, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 copyright infringement is NOT in the same category as causing someone serious bodily harm, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 but as a comparison i think it gets my point across fairly well.
If people are allowed to just get away with this sortof thing time and time again (and it happens ALL the time, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 without the artists knowledge) its only going to become a larger problem, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and little by little artists will have a hell of a time living off their work, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 because people will feel its ok to just rip them off.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 So , casodex 50mg pills $216.00 in short, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 when i posted my account of what the company Only-dreemin had gotten away with, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 my intent was NOT to place any blame with flickr itself. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 My point was simply to warn others, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 and quite simply to VENT. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 I was extremely upset. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 I regret that people became overzealous in their eagerness to support me, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 i never wanted anyone to send threats of bodily harm to only-dreemin. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 When i said “angry letters”, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 i meant just that. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 I felt they deserved them. Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 So im not going to apologize for that part.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 It seems clear from Stewarts apology, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 that this whole fiasco has had quite an impact, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 which hopefully will spark changes that will benefit all flickr users in the future.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 Similarly, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 the broad discussions on various forums, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 sparked by my original post, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 will hopefully help to make people more aware of artists rights, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 when posting their material on the net.
the widespread assumption that once its on the web, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 its public property, casodex 50mg pills $216.00 needs to be disspelled.
I own the copyright to all material i post on flickr.
This means that it can not be used legally for any purpose without my consent.
its really THAT simple.

Casodex 50mg pills $216.00 Thank you to everyone that’s shown me support in the last 3 days.
i greatly appreciate it.

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