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February 29th, 2008 by Rebekka in

..rather than let this annoy me. I came across this facebook profile the other day:

(Yes, that’s my face, for those who haven’t seen that photo )

If this girl does in fact exist (not just some fake profile) and she is indeed born in 1985, then yay! apparently i can pass for someone 7 yrs younger than me.   My two mails to her asking her to explain this have gone unanswered, so whatever…

Anyway, my point is, people are wierd.. or is it weird… can never remember how to spell that….

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February 27th, 2013 by Rebekka in

In 2011 my boyfriend Óli and I (see above) embarked on a journey  in his Land Rover Defender, accompanied by our dog:

to make photo book.  The idea, to make a long story short, was to travel around Iceland, to each location mentioned in the weather forecast on the radio,  and photograph me in the surrounding landscape, wearing a long dress, to illustrate what the weather was like in each spot.

It was often very bad indeed. And so, so cold..

What I found particularly exciting about the idea, was to illustrate what these places looked like, as most people in Iceland (let alone foreigners) have only seen a handful of thees places, if any.
We got very far with the project in 2011, making 4 trips and photographing about 40 locations out of 62.  We worked from april to October, and this hiking tent was our home away from home, even in those colder months:

(and by cold I mean freezing, as in "less than 0°C" )

Our swift progress in 2011 was largely due to the fact that over 120 people were kind enough to donate funds toward the project.  To them I will always be hugely grateful.  Then 2012 rolled around.  I went back to school (to study the more technical aspects of photography),
and was drowning in assignments until the end of november. The summer was spent repairing a leak in the ceiling, hanging drywall, repainting,  and building a shed to have some extra room to store stuff (we live in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment with my two teenagers).

To make matters worse, Óli smashed his hand between a steel door and its frame during a storm at sea in february (he works as a fisherman and is away 80% of the time) He couldn’t drive for 2 months, let alone operate a camera.  All in all we only managed to visit 3 more locations that whole year.  Pretty lame.  Anyway,  I applied for a grant from the Icelandic art funding committee (i’ve no idea if it’s called that in english, but that describes what it does) in order to be able to afford to continue working on this in 2013. (Most of the spots left can only be reached by boat or helicopter, which is going to be even more expensive than travelling by truck).  I was turned down, which saddened me greatly, as the project seemed pretty worthwhile and is already so close to completion.  Nevertheless, I’ve been busy in my spare time putting together what we have so far.  Here’s a screenshot from the program I’m using to assemble the book:
(Click on it to see it a bit larger)

Here’s a closer look at one of the spreads:

As you can see from this spread, the left-hand pages will contain text about each location, maybe a little anecdote if something humorous happened during the shoot, and a small map of Iceland showing where each picture is taken. At the back will be a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures. It’s gonna be a pretty cool book.

So,  If you’d like to help out,  that would be awesome.  15$ or more works as a pre-order for a PDF of the book once it’s done.   Your name and email will be added to the growing list of people already waiting for theirs.
Here’s a handy button that takes you to paypal:

(The book will of course be available in print as well, but as of yet I have no idea how it’ll be priced)

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August 11th, 2012 by Rebekka in

I absolutely suck at blogging.  Sorry about that, to anyone who used to follow my ramblings on here and maybe even enjoyed them a little bit.

I’m going to blame the fact that I went back to school in January,  which left me with zero spare time whatsoever.

I signed up for a one-year course in Photography at Reykjavík Technical College,  for the simple fact that in Iceland, you’re not actually allowed to call yourself a “photographer” unless you’ve taken this particular course of education.
Some of you may or may not know that I already have a B.A. degree in visual arts, so I was actually going back a step from university level to college level.  Surprisingly,  there was a lot more studying involved.
That really says a lot about Icelands Academy of the Arts..

Anyway,  during that first semester I posted not one single photo I made at  school on Flickr or my official facebook page,  so I figured I’d put together a little show and tell of what I was “learning” this spring.

I have to admit I found it a bit weird having to adhere to teachers instructions on what to photograph and how, but I ended up learning a bunch of technical stuff, (studio lighting for instance) that will no doubt come in handy in my future artistic endeavors.

The first assignment was quite open to interpretation, basically “shoot a 36 frame roll of bw film, interpreting your the way to school” .   For that I just walked around the streets that I drive to school, asking perfect strangers if I could take their portrait.
The only challenge being that I absolutely HATE asking people to take their picture, felt like a complete dork.  So that was a refreshing exercise..  I’m lazy at scanning so these 4 examples are negatives photographed against a window and inverted, hence the rough look ( I rather like it actually)





Next up:  A studio portrait processed in 4 different ways in PS:
(for that I used a practice shot of my classmate, nothing particularly brilliant going on here)   Gave myself serious creative licence on that last one, I’d just gotten my wacom tablet and went nuts with the mixer brush in CS5..

Lets see..  We also had to do 6 portraits of the same person using proper studio lighting technique.  For that project I used my older son Bjarki, here are a couple I’m really pleased with:


For environmental portraits (meaning “people photographed in a way that reflects their profession or personality) , I photographed the mayor of my hometown Hafnarfjörður (who happens to be my boyfriends dad),
a horse tamer (who happens to be my boyfriends best friend)  and an Icelandic fisherman (who happens to be my boyfriend):


Another project was to photograph our daily environment in some way.  Here’s some of what came out of that:
Stuff around the house:
  Stuff around the neighborhood (shot with my Holga)

I did some sports photography:

White on white / black on black

Lightpainting (my violin that I bought in 2011 and never have time to play) :

Indoor architecture:

And a lot of black and white film stuff.  I in fact purchased a ’78 Hasselblad off ebay in January, the following images were taken with that:


I’ll leave it at that for now,   just felt like sharing so people would know I’m still alive and haven’t given up on photography :)





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April 23rd, 2010 by Rebekka in

What better way to follow up the volcano photos, than with some Northern Lights?

Next up, I’m going to will the long dormant Geysir to start spurting again,  and maybe go photograph some whales and puffins after that..

jokes aside, it’s taken 5 years since I got into photography before I finally get a chance to photograph the Aurora Borealis.  Seen them at least twice a year, but always when I’m impossibly far away from a camera. I also learned something about them: they’re hard to photograph.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do them more justice at some later date.

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January 5th, 2010 by Rebekka in

Man.  I’m really not in any mood to write anything.   Haven’t been for a while, as should be obvious for those who attempt to follow this blog, which comes in random bursts, few and far between.. I should say “happy new year” i just dont feel like it.. (hmm.  maybe manic depressive people like me should stick to writing blogs on the upswings, not the downs.. i’ll keep that in mind next time)

so i’ll just keep this short , and go directly to sharing this interview I did recently with Frederick Van Johnson,  a follow-up to the one i did with him back in march or april for This Week in Photography (TWiP), In this one, we discuss my knitting craze, new work, and photography stuff in general.  Its a bit fucked up at the end, as skype cut us off about 15 times while we were recording, so a lot of post-editing was needed. It’s amazingly smooth despite that, until just the very end.

It’s a half hour long, but hopefuly worth listening to: (click either the URL or the screenshot image)

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