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September 20th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 As those who follow my flickr page regularly have probably noticed, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i recently did a school project involving a large number of paper airplanes.  Months ago the idea of an empty trashcan surrounded by a mountain of paper planes popped into my head, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and kept resurfacing until i just decided to use the idea for a “finished work” i had to turn in at the end of a 4-week course at school (im on my final year studing visual arts at Icelands Academy of the Arts)

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 Before thinking much about how i’d shoot the final outcome, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i set about creating the planes, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 which turned out to be far more time consuming and boring than i somehow imagined it would be.  After a week or so of spending an hour here and an hour there folding paper, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i started feeling the whole thing was rather pointless if not downright silly.   I decided to photograph the work process, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and got a surprisingly good image from that, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 which at least made the trouble seem a little bit more worthwhile.

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 With a little more than a week to go before turning in, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i still didn’t really know where or how i was going to photograph all these planes, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and began losing interest in the project. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 I got a vague idea that it might be cool to get a real office to use as a “set” , cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 but had no idea where i’d find an office.
At the dinner table one evening, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i asked my parents if they had any bright ideas, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and my dad suggests “why not borrow the office of the Minister of Education . Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 It’s a school project and all.. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 ” My mom agrees that this is a neat idea, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and i look at both of them like they’ve lost their minds, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and say “right.. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 like she’s gonna just loan me her office to fill up with paper planes” and then my older son says “i dare you mom.. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 you’re not chicken are you?” and that did it.

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 I sent a letter describing the project to the Ministry of Education, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and then patiently waited to get a “no, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 that’s not possible” response in return. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 After more than a day with no reply i started feeling like a downright fool, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 but then i actually got a call , cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 from the minsters secretary, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 wanting more details about the project, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and she says they’re considering my request. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 That was on a thursday. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 On monday morning, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 (4 days before i had to turn in the finished project), cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 I still hadn’t gotten any response so i called just to make sure i’d have to figure out a plan B, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 but instead i was told that i was welcome to use the office that day.

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 My friend Sara came along to help, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and we got these really weird looks from the lady working in the reception, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 had to assure her that we did indeed have permission to be there ( i don’t blame her really , cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 we had 3 large bags, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 one of them an ugly black trashbag, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 filled with paper airplanes, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 two camera bags and a tripod, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and i was dressed like a really fake looking “businesswoman” )

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 Anyway, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i shot both film (slides film which i cross-processed) and digital, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 the digital version somehow came out better for computer screen viewing, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 but what i turned in was a print from one of the negatives, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 which im going to post here for comparison.

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 As you can see, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 this is not just a simple scan of the negative, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 however, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 i’m not going to disclose, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 for now , cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 how i got that weird look to it. Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 Feel free to guess, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 and i might explain it in a comment below.  (It looks a lot better printed large and framed, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 you’ll just have to take my word for it)

Cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 Why there’s a disembodied head perching on the corner of the desk is a whole other story, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 which i’ll explain in a later post, cialis 5mg pills 360 pills $463.00 a week or so from now.

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Cleocin 300mg Pills $165.00

July 27th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 cheeeese.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Ok.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i uploaded that photo first for chuckles.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 That’s my cousin Berglind and her husband, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 they were married yesterday, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and while they’d hired a “real” photographer (i’m no wedding photographer, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 tho i’ve shot two weddings before.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 found it’s really not for me) , cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 she wanted me to take a few portraits as well. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Funny how time flies.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 there’s a picture in a photo album somewhere, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 taken in the year 1988, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 that shows me, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 age 9, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 sitting in a chair with Berglind, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 age 3, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 in my lap, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 at a beach house that her family was vacationing at in Sarasota, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Fl. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 (My family was living in Gainesville, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Fl, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 at the time, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and came to visit them) Seeing her yesterday, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 looking raidiantly beautiful and grown up, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i couldn’t help think of that photo , cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and how odd it would have seemed to me then, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 to know i’d be photographing her on her wedding day, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and me still unmarried :) Life’s funny that way. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Anyway, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 all rambling aside, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i thought i’d use the opportunity to show off a few photos from these three photoshoots , cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 since i never uploaded any of them on flickr.

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 1smaller.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 bubbles1-small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 koss1small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 One of the two weddings i shot last summer was when Berglinds’ older brother, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Jón Þór (we’re the same age, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and played together when we were less than 3 feet tall ), cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 got married .. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Jón Þór and his wife Guðrún are quite possibly the jolliest, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 cutest couple alive…

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 koss-i-grasagardi-small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 bride-small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 3small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 tun4small.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 the other wedding last summer was shot in Eskifjörður, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 which is as far from my hometown of Hafnarfjörður as you can get, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 without actually leaving Icelnad.  That was likely the hardest job i’ve ever done. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 I drove off at 4 a.m. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 , cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 to be sure to get there with plenty of time left over.  Half an hour into my trip, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 in heavy fog, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00  i managed to hit and kill a bird, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 that just HAD to be sitting in the middle of the damn road.  I was off to a great start.  At Vik í mýrdal, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i decided to take a short nap before continuing. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Accidentally slept for over 3 hours. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 So off i rushed, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 getting more and more stressed with each passing hour. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 To make the trip more colorful, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i picked up two 20 year old swiss hitch-hikers, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 who just happened to have shot a wedding together not too long previously, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and they entertained me with stories of how much could go wrong during such a gig.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 After dropping them off, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i managed to get stuck in the town of Djúpivogur, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 driving several aimless circles and not finding the right exit, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 because by then i was panicking that i’d not only be late, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i’d never even manage to find the town of Eskifjörður at all.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 It shouldn’t, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 in all honesty, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 even be possible to get “lost” in a town as small as Djúpivogur. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 My mistake was actually driving into the town in the first place.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i thought i was supposed to go thru it. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 I wasn’t. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 I actually had to stop at a cafe there and ask for directions. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Come to think of it, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 I imagine i’m the only person to ever, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 actually, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 get stuck in Djúpivogur. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 So, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i drove back the way i’d come, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 passing the young hitchhikers again, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 where i’d left them 10 minutes earlier, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 feeling enormously stupid. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 After a quick, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 desperate perusal of the map, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 i figured out where i was supposed to go next, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and about 2 towns from Eskifjörður, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 it started raining. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 (it had been sunny the entire trip, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and i was going to photograph them outdoors..this just kept looking better and better..) I finally arrived in Eskifjörður at 3:45 pm, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 after nearly 12 hours of travelling, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 a mere 15 minutes before the ceremony started, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 all sweaty and exhausted.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Just had time to throw on a dress and pantyhose, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 which i of course managed to tear in all the rush, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 just a little boost for my confidence before shooting the ceremony.. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 Amazingly, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 despite the murphy’s law feel of the whole day, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 the actually photoshoot went well, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 and the people were happy with their photos. Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 So, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 all in all, cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 a great experience.

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 2.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 41.jpg

Cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 51.jpg

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Cardizem 180mg Pills $236.00

June 30th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 Ok.. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 so i get a fair bit of mail, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 thru my website and flickr.. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 most of it nice people telling me they appreciate what i’m doing w my camera, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 which i always appreciate hearing, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 but once in a while, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 i get stupid mail. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 The title of this post is taken from one such flickr mail i got this weekend, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 which went something like this:

Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 “hey.. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 rebekka. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 I was wondering, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 if i sent you a nude picture of myself, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 would you send me one of yourself? Don’t get mad, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 it’s just a post-modern thing. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 ”

Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 Yeah. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 Suppose throwing around some artsy phrases struck this person as a sure-fire way to get me naked and posing , cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 for his viewing pleasure.. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 Maybe i should write him back and tell him he’s getting his genres confused, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 and that nude-picture swapping is more akin to neoclassicism. Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 (altho it’s not, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 i’m just making that up) .  Just to get him thinking.  Maybe he’d end up at the library browsing thru art-history tomes, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 and would learn something useful, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 or at best, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00  learn some new phrases to toss around at parties.

Cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 But hey, cardizem 180mg pills $236.00 can’t blame a guy for trying i guess.  ;)

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Ascorbic Acid 500mg Pills $174.00

June 15th, 2008 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 for each view:

Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 5mill.jpg

Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 ha. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 Well, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 it felt wonderful last night to go out for the first time in AGES and do something foolhardy like jump into Kleifarvatn half naked at 2:45 am , ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 in wind and drizzle, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 just to make this photo.. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 I’ve missed doing stuff like that, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 and coming home, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 having cocoa and being able to check off yet another seemingly too-uncomfortable-to-justify-doing idea off my mental checklist. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 I was becoming worried that turning 30 the other day would force me to grow up an put an end to this sortof behavior, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 but no. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 I’m still ok. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 Whew. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 Actually, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 i’m reallly enjoying being 30. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 It sounds so.. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 distinguished.. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 and i can always pretend to be grown up , ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 on occasions when such a thing may prove beneficial in some way..

Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 There. Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 Now that i’ve blown the dust off this blog of mine, ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 maybe i’ll try to post something here more frequently..

Ascorbic acid 500mg pills $174.00 Later..

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Omnicef 300mg Pills $425.00

September 18th, 2007 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 To begin with, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 i’ve finally managed to get an online print store going. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 Its in the beginning stages, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 will add more photos very soon, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 but here is the location, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 bookmark it and stay tuned if you’re interested in buying prints at some point.

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 store-screenshot.jpg

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 I’m offering them in limited edition, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 signed and numbered.  The number of prints available varies, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 the most will be 25 (of each size), omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 the more expensive will only be offered in an edition of 10 copies.   And once they’ve sold out that’s it, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 they’re done. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 If anyone has a request for a certain image that isn’t currently on offer, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 please get in touch and let me know.

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 I’ve been taking a bit of a break from photography in the last month, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 decided to do some pencil drawings for a change, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 its a shame to have the ability to do this and never use it.. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 These are almost complete.. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 not sure if this is going to be a series of more, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 or just the two.. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 but im absurdly pleased with them, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 either way.

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 2.jpg

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 1.jpg

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 My flickr photostream has now reached over 4 million views, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 which is of course, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 a really nerdy thing to be writing about, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 but then, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 i’ve never denied being a nerd.. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 im even including a nerdy screenshot, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 for good measure:

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 screenshot.jpg

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 One more thing..

Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 This last saturday, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 a small independent tv producer team came from London to shoot footage for a short documentary style tv-show about photography, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 they chose me and one other guy off flickr for their pilot show.. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 Spent nine hours with them (and the icelandic cameraman), omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 taking them to places i often shoot at, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 and giving an in-depth interview at my school (documented in the really bad photo included below). Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 If all goes as planned this will be shown on british television, omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 which is rather cool. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 Very fun experience in any case. Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 interview.jpg

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