TWiP interview #2

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Man.  I’m really not in any mood to write anything.   Haven’t been for a while, as should be obvious for those who attempt to follow this blog, which comes in random bursts, few and far between.. I should say “happy new year” i just dont feel like it.. (hmm.  maybe manic depressive people like me should stick to writing blogs on the upswings, not the downs.. i’ll keep that in mind next time)

so i’ll just keep this short , and go directly to sharing this interview I did recently with Frederick Van Johnson,  a follow-up to the one i did with him back in march or april for This Week in Photography (TWiP), In this one, we discuss my knitting craze, new work, and photography stuff in general.  Its a bit fucked up at the end, as skype cut us off about 15 times while we were recording, so a lot of post-editing was needed. It’s amazingly smooth despite that, until just the very end.

It’s a half hour long, but hopefuly worth listening to: (click either the URL or the screenshot image)

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Reading recommendations for the cold dark months ahead..

November 25th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

As the image accompanying this post illustrates, (from january 2006) I’m a die-hard Stephen King fan, but this isn’t to say I don’t read anything else.

Here’s a short list of some excellent writers, that i’ve only just discovered in the last 2 years.. I personally can’t live without books.. reading in the bath, reading while i knit, and of course reading myself to sleep.. I urge people to check out the following, if they haven’t already:

Margaret Atwood.   Absolutely brilliant Canadian author, just entering her seventies, but still writing and still wonderful.  I’ve read nearly every book she’s written, and loved nearly all of them – there was one short-story book in which some of the stories failed to captivate me completely. But on the whole, a gem.  Sharp, cynical and at the same time extremely poignant and often hilarious ( laughing out loud from a book is a rare occurance for me, but her books have had this effect on me more often than not )

Some favorites of hers:    Alias Grace, The Robber Bride, Oryx and Crake, The Blind Assassin, The Edible Woman, The Handmaids tale…  If you’re anything like me,  you’ll start, get hooked and dig up everything by her at the library.

Tess Gerritsen.   A doctor turned novelist, this woman can out-gross any of her male counterparts.  Focusing in most of her books on reccurring characters – the main ones being a policewoman and medical examiner who work together on solving (usually quite gruesome) murders,  she uses her past personal experience as a practicing physician to lend credibility and detail to her intricate plots.  The one’s i’ve read so far have been of the un-put-downable sort:  The Mephisto Club, Vanish, The Surgeon, The Bone Garden, The Sinner, Body Double.   Great fun.

Fay Weldon. Only read two of her books as of yet,  but both were extremely enjoyable.  Probably a bit too feminist-oriented for the average male reader,  but I think she’s awesome.  I’ve read The Spa Decameron and Puffball so far, both were thoroughly enjoyable.  Will definitely be looking into more of her work.

Stephen White.  I like this guy.  Not very high-brow reading, (but then, that’s not really my thing),  his books pass the time very quickly.  Set in Colorado and most starring psychiatraist Alan Gregory as the main character, who somehow manages to get involved in intricate crime plots through his patients.  One’s i’ve read:  Kill me ,  The best revenge, Blinded, Warning Signs

Jeffrey Deaver:  Many people may remember the movie “the bone collector” .. well,  Deaver wrote the book. All of his books I’ve read so far (except one) involve the same cast of characters-  paraplegic forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme,  policewoman Amelia Sachs, and a bunch of others that have almost become well-known friends after reading more than two.   Deaver is an absolute master of the unexpected plot twist.. sometimes taking it to ridiculous lengths,  adding a new twist again and again when you’ve already thought many times that you’ve figured it out.  At times, his writing style can be a wee bit corny, (as are some of the titles , which remind me of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books) but that’s a small annoyance compared to the entertainment value.  I’ve read the following:  The Vanished ManThe Cold Moon, The Broken Window, The Twelfth Card, and Garden of Beasts, which is his best by far, not dealing with Rhyme and his buddies, but a World War II thriller set in Berlin, which i found genuinely captivating.

And finally, i’m going to briefly mention John D MacDonald.  Not because he’s a secondary writer (he’s HUGE), but because i’ve only read one of his books – The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper – and am currently on the second-  The Lonely Silver Rain.  I know, however, that i’ll be reading many more.  His writing style is wonderful,  written in first person from the point of view of the hero, Travis McGee (i can almost hear a film-noir-spoofish voice doing a voice over while i’m reading) and just really funny at times.. but a sortof dry humor that doesnt jump out at you.  Great stuff.

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pic of the day # something or other…

November 7th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

.. i’ve screwed this whole “post something every day” thing up , but have nonetheless been feverishly working on something or other every day. Except last friday, when i was super-hungover an slept til 4.  But I made stuff today. This for instance:

this was very spur of the moment … was in the process of tearing down this sheet (which has actually played a part in a very large number of my photos, usually as a backdrop) into narrow strips to weave into a rope (which will be used in another photo, and no, buying a rope would be too easy and im also a bit insane) and while holding it up , with the window to my back, glanced in the mirror and liked the sillouhette thing going on and decided to try and capture it in a picture..(without the ugly hanging-around-at-home clothes i was wearing)

true story.

see, here’s the rope being made:

sadly i chose probably the most time-consuming method of weaving those strips together (each pile is about 20 meters or more of cloth), after 2 hours i only had 2 meters of rope.  Ugh. Why do i insist on being so meticulous? God sometimes i just don’t know. But I suppose i’ll feel really good about having made the damn rope myself when the picture is complete.  I hope so because nobody else will ever be able to tell. haha. oh well.    I just started on a new drawing , not a quick one but one that’ll end up being really cool and detailed.  I should sleep but its calling to me..

And for curiosities sake, here are some other images this sheet has appeared in:

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taking peoples pictures…

May 10th, 2009 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Other peoples portraits aren’t really my “forte”…  not that i don’t , occasionally, succeed in getting some decent portraits made..  Its just that i tend to get immensely stressed at the prospect of photographing people.  I myself become extremely uncomfortable whenever someone points a camera in my direction (somewhat ironic considering my vast colletion of self-portraits.. but in turn it probably explains why most pictures of me ARE selfportraits).     Anyway, i suppose i’m too sympathetic to the plight of those i point my camera at, and that somehow makes me uneasy about the fact that im putting people in this situation. Which is dumb, because in most cases i’ve actually been hired to do this…So they did ask for it.  Anyway, i’m really selling myself as a portrait photog here, no doubt..

Anyway. While digging thru my archives the other day, i noticed quite a few portraits that i’ve taken, that i’ve never shared on flickr.. figured i’d gather a bunch of them together here, just for the hell of it .  And also because after not updating this blog thing for 3 months, i figured i’d better make a BIG post :p

Daughter of a woman who graciously offered me a place to stay in barcelona last year..

Outtake from a drummer series i did in 2007..

Another outtake from the drummer series ..

miss reykjavík 2006. shot for a magazine..

Painter Hlaðgerður Íris, shot for a magazine..

sister of a girl i was hired to photograph, took some extra's of her while i was at it..

graduation shoot..

singer Kate Havnevik backstage

from a band photoshoot 2008..

confirmation photoshoot for the girl on the left, here with her sister..

my niece

my niece

my nephew

politician, magazine shoot..

dubstep artists Mala and Sgt Pokes

Mala & Loefah in London..

icelandic band Dikta

icelandic band Dikta

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I’ve been told i need to update my blog.   Of course i choose to do so when im in the middle of trying to get some writing work done on my scary-ass BA thesis, which is refusing to let itself be written without a fight.

If all the stuff i write on a daily basis- msn, emails, comments on facebook-  could somehow be mashed together into a BA thesis,  i would be ever so happy.   I seem to have some sortof ailment which makes it almost painful for me to write anything i HAVE to write,  even if its about something i’m interested in (i’m focusing on my selfportraits and the role of the internet for up and coming artists,  which I actually find to be a very valid and necessary topic to discuss)

I think I think too much.

So anyway, I’m featured in Playboy Spain (as the picture above is intended to illustrate), been having some mixed feelings about that.  After i agreed to answer the interview questions and send them some pictures, sometime in August, I had a severe anxiety attack, that now i’d completely fucked up,  who’d ever take me seriously after a mention in Playboy?    Now i’m rather tickled by the whole thing, seeing as i’m probably the first icelandic woman to be featured in any version of playboy without at least showing some nipples ..    And there ARE all those men that read it for the articles, right?

However, that cover pisses me off more each time i look at it.  Either Hef should get naked, to fit in, because the gals look really awkward in their utter nakedness,  or they should just wear bikinis or something.  I mean, if you’re naked, you’re not fooling anyone by putting your arm over your boobs..  and if you’re not going to show your boobs anyway,  wear a fucking bikini to free your arms from that awkward “hiding-my-boobs” pose.

but hey, maybe that’s just me.

Next update, i’m going to write something awesome.  I’ll try to do so sooner than April ;)

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